Fadhel Jaziri

Tunisia 1948. Lives and works in Tunis.

Fadhel Jaziri is a writer and film maker. Co-founder of the New Theater in Tunis (“Nouveau Théâtre de Tunis”) group in 1976, Jaziri helped produce a series of plays that became major Tunisian classics. In the early nineties, Jaziri started to innovate the art of secular and sacred popular musicals (Nouba and Hadhra), incorporating refined aesthetics, a complex stage direction style, and a new sign and body language that had long been repressed and underestimated. Al Hadhra was performed at Darat al Funun in 2006. In 2007, Jaziri directed Thaletun (meaning 'Thirty' in Arabic), a movie depicting Tunisian life in the 1930s. It was shown by Darat al Funun in 2010 in the presence of the director.