Mamdouh Bisharat

Born in Jordan. Lives and works in Amman.

A descendant of one of the oldest families in Jordan, Mamdouh Bisharat has devoted his life to preserving architectural and cultural heritage in Jordan. His family house in Jabal al Jofeh, in Um al Kundum, and Mokheibeh to this day remain landmarks to be admired. In 2001 he rented an old building in downtown Amman to protect it from destruction. Dating from 1924, the building used to be the Hotel of Haifa. Mamdouh converted it into a Diwan, which traditionally means a "council chamber", where people, thinkers, poets and artists meet.

In 1998 Darat al Funun presented A Vision, An Identity: Works from the private collection of Mamdouh Bisharat. In 2016 banners hung from the Diwan over the past 15 years were displayed at The Lab. He also contributed a text "A Work of Beauty" as his personal reflection to Arab Art Histories (2013).

Mamdouh Bisharat is a member of the Darat al Funun Honorary Board.