Maria Taniguchi

Philippines 1981. Lives and works in Manila.

"The work I exhibited in Amman was made in Manila after the residency. Adriano and I talked a little bit and decided it would be interesting to situate a part of an ongoing series of work, the brick paintings, in Amman, and particularly to place a brick painting in one of the foundation’s beautiful historic spaces. It was interesting to see the work set in such a politically charged location and to enter into a conversation about the global south but then I realised it made so much sense, albeit in maybe a roundabout way. I see the brick paintings as a kind of contingency, as a conceptual device serving as the armature for the work as a whole. It’s really more like a thought bubble and it gives speech to my other work quite literally. I might also refer to it as a kind of nervous system."

- Maria Taniguchi in HIWAR | Conversations in Amman (2013)