Mohammad Hawajri

Palestine 1976. Lives and works in Gaza.

Mohammad Hawajri broke fully onto the Gaza arts scene at the end of the 1990s, when a number of solo exhibitions have been devoted to his work, sponsored by the French Embassy in Gaza. He is a co-founder of - and is a supervisor in - the Visual Arts Programme of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and he was a driving force in the creation of - and teaches at - the Eltiqa Group for Contemporary Art in Gaza, devoted to the development of art. He has had a long involvement with Darat al Funun, where he studied in its Summer Academy under Marwan Kassab Bashi and won in 2000 the first prize awarded for Young Arab Artists. Though he rarely travels outside Gaza, his work is known and recognized much more widely due to his participation in international exhibitions.

In 2014, Hawajri spent two months in residence at Nuova Icona in Venice in an exchange program with Darat al Funun.