Nicola Saig

Palestine 1863-1942.

"A series of vectors transverse Saig’s oeuvre: the secularization of iconography, allegorical narratives, positivist vision, and the new positionality of the viewing subject. Photography as way of seeing predates portraits and landscapes in oil but also it enframes the allegorical painting of Saig. Photographic vision as hinted at by Conversion of Saul and literally evinced by Untitled (after photograph of the surrender of Jerusalem to the British) is apparent in Escape of the Holy Family to Egypt another unsuspecting canvas held by The Khalid Shoman Collection."

- Excerpt from 'Before Painting: Nicola Saig, Painting and Photographic Seeing' by Stephen Sheehi, in Arab Art Histories: The Khalid Shoman Collection, 2013