Tarek al Ghoussein

Kuwait 1962 (Palestinian). Lives and works in the UAE.

"The term “identity” is highly contested and can be taken to mean many things depending on the context. Nevertheless, there has been widespread agreement that significant aspects of identity are related to a particular place; hence, national identity results from connections to an individual’s country of origin. As I attempt to come to terms with the issues related to my personal experience as a Palestinian-Kuwaiti that has never lived within the borders of Palestine, it has become apparent that this current body of work seeks to transcend the obvious reference to the barrier being constructed in Palestine. The “walls” and “mounds” that appear throughout the images also speak of my own individual struggles irrespective of the conventional notions of national identity."

- Tarek al Ghoussein
The Wall & the Checkpointsexhibition catalog, published by Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2006