Authority and Censorship in Art
Ahlam Shibli and Rula Halawani in conversation with Dr. Faisal Darraj and Ahmad Zatari

Saturday 23 January 2016 | 6:00 pm Main Building

For the first discussion of the year on the exhibition Alive in the Dead Sea (1995-2015), Darat al Funun's cultural consultant Dr. Faisal Darraj and Ahmad Zatari invite artists Ahlam Shibli and Rula Halawani to discuss the preservation of artistic freedom in the face of authority and censorship. Taking Ahlam Shibli's exhibited work "Death", and Rula Halawani's exhibited work "The Wall"– both from The Khalid Shoman Collection – as a reference point,  the artists discuss their experiences both in the Arab world and with international institutions, and the challenges of living and moving in and out of Jerusalem.