film screening
The Silent Protest, 2019
Mahasen Nasser-Eldin

11 June – 30 September 2024
Continous screening at the Ghorfa

On 26 October 1929, Palestinian women launched their women’s movement. Approximately 300 women converged on Jerusalem from all over Palestine. They held a silent demonstration through a car convoy to protest at the British High Commissioner’s bias against Arabs in the Buraq uprising. This is their story on that day.

Jerusalem-born filmmaker Mahasen Nasser-Eldin specializes in reconstructing and scripting historical narratives using audio and visual archives to restore new life to forgotten figures and celebrate those on the margins of society. Mahasen holds an MA degree in filmmaking from Goldsmiths College, London and an MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University, Washington DC. She is a lecturer in visual cultures and film production at Bethlehem’s Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture.

Image credit: Matson - Library of Congress.