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A Future Perfect [sic] Life
Nadim Choufi

Saturday 28 November 2020 | 6 pm Amman time

A Future Perfect [sic] Life revolves around the ways promissory capital trying to overcome its own infrastructural limits manifests in the design and materiality of living beings. Weaving together topics including 100-year governmental plans, Sea-Monkeys, and space colony prototypes, the lecture focuses on rendering and (re)organizing life forms and modes of living in a future full of ecological and health crises.

Nadim Choufi lives in Beirut and primarily works with video, 3D animation, and sculpture. Nadim’s work spins around scientific progress and its non-neutrality, often focusing on the materiality of designed organisms, language, products, and bodies. His videos and installations draw upon various fields, including science-fiction, synthetic biology, and economics, to trace the influences behind the presumed objectivity of scientific progress and its soft and hard realities. He has exhibited his work regionally and internationally in Beirut Art Center, Abu Dhabi’s Warehouse421, Sharjah Art Foundation, The New School in New York, and Macao in Milan.