In the presence of Syrian Film Curator Orwa Nyrabia

Tuesday 11 May 2010

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of, a project in collaboration with the Goethe Institut. is a web-based project showcasing nine online, curated film programmes by nine curators from the Middle East and North Africa. The project makes use of the vast potential of the internet as a powerful and alternative platform for the presentation and circulation of independent films beyond the festival circuit and beyond conventional distribution networks. On each curator presents his or her films in their cultural context. The publica can see the films, read about the conditions of independent film-making in the Arab world, find all the information about the films and filmmakers.

Curators Orwa Nyrabia (Syria) and Ala' Younis (Jordan) will present the project and discuss the latest developments in the Arab scene. Following this, the Syrian contribution "Short visit to say good-bye" will be shown.

The project is funded by the Goethe-Institut Cairo. Its concept was developed by the German film curator Marcel Schwierin.