Artist Talk: Firas Shehadeh

Saturday 17 February 2018
The Lab | 6:30 PM 

Firas Shehadeh talks about his artistic journey which started in Amman, and later on developed in Spain and Austria, where he currently studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Firas Shehadeh (Amman, 1988) is an artist, based in Vienna, raised between Saudi Arabia and Jordan, from a background that he developed as a resident of a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman. His work explores his relationship with the space and the influence of authority on the alteration of the collective consciousness and identity. His interest in the post-colonial effects, technology and history. Sentences on the banks and other activities, Darat al Funun (2010), 64th Berlinale (2014), Qalandiya International (2014), La Capella, Barcelona (2015), Body Politics, Loop Barcelona (2015) a group exhibition at the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid (2016), si:n festival of video art and performance, Ramallah (2017).