Ibn Talib. Sawtik (Her Sound), 2018.
Haya Abdul Hameed. Cutis (Kyoo-tis), 2018.
Dana Rousan. Escape Reality, 2018.
Wasim Zaid Habashneh. FluoreSAND, 2018.
Artists in Conversation
On Installation Art
Ibn Talib, Haya Abdul Hameed, Dana Rousan, Wasim Zaid Habashneh

Tuesday 10 April 2018
Beit al Beiruti | 6:30 PM

Artists Ibn Talib, Haya Abdul Hameed, Dana Rousan and Wasim Zaid Habashneh discuss installation art in relation to context and environment, taking their work shown in the current exhibition as a starting point. Whereas Ibn Talib and Wasim Zaid Habashneh's come from an architectural background, Dana Rousan’s experience is premised her practice of graphic design. Haya Abdul Hameed continues her artistic practice, which revolves around the interaction between art and social space.

The talk will be in Arabic.