Chasing the Sun: A Cyanotype Workshop with Paola Farran

Saturday 28 May 2022 | 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Darat al Funun invites you to participate in a photography printing workshop using Cyanotype techniques to create artworks that mix different natural elements from the environment around us, utilizing the sun, soil and water. The workshop is facilitated by artist Paola Farran. 

As part of the Re-rooting exhibition, Paola’s installation focuses on using natural materials and resources from the Dead Sea to document its disappearance. Participants will learn the basics of the technique, and Paola’s journey with the practice, to design their unique prints using different natural materials. 

Paola Farran is a multi-disciplinary artist and art practitioner currently based in Jordan. Her socially engaged, site-specific artistic practice is grounded in ecology concerns and is informed by concepts of belonging and the Other. Material research is a core element of her practice, working across painting, photography, sculpture, clay, fabric, as well as natural and upcycled found materials to create multimedia installations. Paola also coordinates and curates various artistic projects and events and is a member of the Remote Closeness collective, currently proposing the Shifting Grounds project in Amman.