City Map Archives in the Age of Vanishing
Live sonic performance by Yara Mekawei

Saturday 8 July 2023 | 8:00 pm | Archaeological Site

Between two cities, listening to ten separate spots in each urban area; arbitrary choices that may consider a link of the subconscious within the Diaspora. This performance represents an invitation to explore these places frequently at separate times during the day and archive the sonics of the urban. Considering certain geographical points, the local people become accustomed to identifying the sound as they are taken for granted. Sonic waves for each point, with manipulation through a navigational map.

The performance will be broadcast live on Radio Alhara. 

As an artist and scholar, Yara Mekawei’s sonic bricolages draw inspiration from the dynamic flow of urban centers and the key infrastructure of cities. Being interested in the philosophy of architecture, social history, and philosophical literature, her work is based on sound as an essential tool of vision. The philosophy of her compositions is shaped by sophisticated practices that convey messages in the conceptual dimension to the public. She is currently working on a sonic composition based on the literature of the Sufi philosophy and the methodology of the Book of the Dead.