film screening
Clash of Loyalties, 1983
by Mohamed Shukri Jameel

Tuesday 22 June 2010
Iraq| 1983 | 184 min. | Arabic/English.
in the presence of the director Mohamed Shukri Jameel.

During the Iraqi mandate period, Sheikh Dhari and his tribe revolt against the behaviour of the colonial officers. As a result, the British troops attack the sites of the Sheikh Dhari and consequently arrest him and accuse him of being a bandit. As the movie progresses the British plans in Iraq are revealed. Additionally, the film, which stars local actors alongside foreign actors, including the internationally acclaimed Oliver Reed, highlights the solidarity of the Iraqi people against the colonial project by showing scenes of parliament meetings and mass organization as a starting point for the 1920 Iraqi revolution which had its roots in the south of Iraq.

Muhammad Shukri Jameel was born in Baghdad in 1937. He studied at the Higher Institute of Cinema in the United States. He began his cinematic career in 1953 producing documentaries for the Film Production Unit in Iraq. Among his movies are: ‘Shayef Kheir’ (1968), ‘Al Thalemoon’ (1973), ‘Al Aswar’ (1979); ‘Al Muhimma Al Mustamirra’ (1982); and ‘Al Mali Ghazi’ (1991).