Concert: Soprano Tania Tamari Nasir and Mariam Tamari
30th anniversary celebration

23 October 2018
Archaeological site I 8:00 PM

A musical performance by soprano Tania Tamari Nasir will follow the exhibition opening of the third exhibition of our 30th anniversary celebration. She will reenact the very first concert held in 1993 at our archeological site after the inauguration of Darat al Funun, when she sang poems by the late Palestinian writer Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, set to music by composer pianist Agnes Bashir. Jabra traveled from Iraq to attend the concert in support of their innovative initiative. Modern ballet dancer Rania Qamhawi also took part in the performance. Now, for the closing event of our 30th anniversary, Tania and Agnes will perform three songs of the 1993 concert, followed by Tania singing two works by Amin Nasser, with Fadi Deeb on the piano. In the second part of the program, Tania's niece, soprano Mariam Vladimir Tamari, accompanied on the piano by Fadi Deeb, will sing a repertoire of French Art songs and her own compositions in Arabic. In the spirit of upholding continuity and the transfer of artistic experiences of one generation to another, Tania and Mariam will end the concert with a special duet arrangement of the song "Al Quds Arabia"  together with lyricist and composer Rima Nasir Tarazi.