Diwan Al-Mimar: A Small Palace and Other Ambient Works
Civil Architecture (Hamed Bukhamseen and Ali Karimi)

Tuesday 25 July 2023 | 6:30 pm | Main Building

In this talk, Civil Architecture presents a series of buildings that operate as devices for observing and thinking about the world we inhabit rather than containers for life. The talk will highlight the practice's influences and recent work - covering everything from a small palace in the Jordanian desert to a sundial for an Islamic Arts Biennale.

Civil Architecture is a cultural practice preoccupied with the making of buildings and books about them. The work of Civil asks what it means to produce architecture in a decidedly un-civil time, presenting a new civic character for a global condition. Since its founding by Hamed Bukhamseen and Ali Karimi, the practice has attracted a strong following for their provocative works and their offer of an alternate future for a nascent Middle East.

The talk is in English.