Book Launch
Diwan Al-Mimar: Ammar Khammash
Notes on Formation Book Launch

Edited by Raafat Majzoub
Tuesday 7 February 2023 | 6:00 PM | Main Building

The newly re-launched Diwan Al-Mimar series continues this month with Ammar Khammash. Using the new publication titled Notes on Formation: Ammar Khammash as a reference point, the discussion highlights how the architect’s focus on cultural and natural heritage and his deep respect for the environment lead to the production of work that is truly and intimately in conversation with its surroundings. Echoing the history of the land it rests on, and the ways in which it functions, Ammar’s work becomes a part of its landscape and context.

Diwan Al-Mimar is a monthly program of talks featuring collective and individual architectural practices that explore the intersection between contemporary architectural practices, critical interventions, and visual arts.

As part of this official book launch, Sarah Chalabi, the founder of Dongola Limited Editions, will moderate a discussion, with architect Ammar Khammash, and Raafat Majzoub, the editor of the book.

This discussion is in English.

Ammar Khammash is a Jordanian architect, anthropologist, and artist with more than 30 years of practice, with an exemplary and extensive breadth of knowledge of architecture’s potential as a transdisciplinary tool of expression. Over the years, Ammar has distinguished himself both in Jordan and internationally for the proficiency with which he translates a deep understanding of geological and ecological landscapes, and for his expertise in local and practical building traditions.

Dongola is a Beirut-based publisher that focuses on contemporary culture and local knowledge production. This year, Dongola is launching the Dongola Architecture Series (DAS) with a debut monograph titled Notes on Formation: Ammar Khammash. Through DAS, Dongola continues its mission to generate trajectories of thoughts that go beyond individual fields of knowledge and to create books offering unconventional perspectives on art and contemporary topics in the MENASA region today.

Raafat Majzoub is an architect, artist, writer, Director of The Khan: The Arab Association for Prototyping Cultural Practices, and Editor-in-Chief of the Dongola Architecture Series.