film screening
Down by Law, 1986
Film program curated by filmmaker Annemarie Jacir

TUESDAY 12 JULY 2011 | 7:30 PM

Down By Law (Jim Jarmusch), US, 1986, black and white, 106 min

Three men, previously unknown to each other, are arrested in New Orleans and placed in the same cell. Zack, and Jack have been set up, neither having committed the crime for which they have been arrested. Their cellmate Bob, an Italian tourist who understands minimal English, was imprisoned for manslaughter. Zack and Jack soon fall out and avoid speaking to each other. Bob has an irrepressible need for conversation, and hatches a plan to escape, and before long the three are on the run. Hopelessly lost and with a simmering hatred between Jack and Zack almost causing the party to split up, they are brought together by Bob's ability to provide food. The trio eventually go their separate ways—an unspoken, begrudging friendship hanging between them as they part.