Muhanna Durra, Lecture, September 2002
Drawing and Painting Classes
Muhanna Durra

January – June 2003

As part of Darat al Funun's objectives for creating stimulating environments for artists to interact and exchange ideas within its studios, drawing and painting classes were held at between the months of January and June 2003, under the supervision of Jordanian artist Muhanna Durra.

The classes were held at the Darat's facilities on a four times a week basis, three of which consisted of a practical training course and one that consisted of a lecture and/or film that Mr. Durra chose, in which he tackled different aspects of the history and theories of art in the world.

Mr. Durra said that he would conduct the classes as a crash course for his students, in which they would receive the maximum training possible in the time given in the forms of academic and creative exercises. He added that he would also plan to introduce different media for producing art work, starting with pencil drawing to acrylics, water and oil colors.