“Eesheh” with Learning Soils

Saturday 14 May 2022 | 6:00 pm | The Ghorfa 

Darat al Funun invites you to attend an open discussion with the team of Taghmees Social Kitchen; Reef Fakhoury, and Dina Bataineh; with the participation of other independent artists in a social meeting of knowledge exchange titled Eesheh.

Where do Taghmees, a medium for learning outside institutions, and art intersect? What transforms personal life paths and passions into artworks? And what has been learned along the way?

The artists behind the Learning Soils installations, currently shown at Darat al Funun as part of the exhibition Re-rooting, invite audiences to engage in their journey of searching for abundance in a scarcity society.

Join taghmees in this unique social kitchen experience, immersing in real-life stories grounded in soils of nature, food, and community fabric and shifting away from destructive dominant narratives of textbooks to embrace a life of diversity and richness.

Provoked by vivid recollections of scarcity-based knowledge gained through education, Learning Soils is a mixed media installation in collaboration with independent artists. The exhibition presents artistic reproductions of a selection of textbooks across the past hundred years of local schooling while reflecting on their life practice to heal from such isolating and destructive thinking through Taghmees. Learning Soils highlights toxicities in language and ideas shaping our logic over generations and aims to expose how the colonization of our minds has allowed the colonization of our lands, food, relations, and ways of knowing and being.