Ahmad Nawash, Untitled (series of 27), 1987. Etching, sizes vary.
Ayyad Alnimer, Untitled, 1985-86. Oil on canvas, 75.5 x 71.5 cm.
Aziz Amoura, Sabra and Shatila (series of 6), 1984. Ink on paper, 28.5 x 17.5 cm.
Eight Jordanian Artists

19 November 1988


At the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation's Scientific and Cultural Center

The exhibition presents works by eight Jordanian artists including watercolours by Aziz Amoura, paintings by Ahmad Nawash, Abdul Raouf Shamoun, Mahmoud Taha and Samira Badran, as well as collages by Nabila Hilmi and works by Ayyad Alnimer and Nabil Shehadeh.