Concert - in collaboration with Al Hannouneh Society for Popular Culture

Wednesday 16 May 2012 | 7:30 pm at the Archaeological Site

Eskenderella was formed in 2005 by Hazem Shahin. The band started by singing Sheikh Sayed Darwish, Sheikh Imam and Ziad Rahbany’s songs. Later the band formed their own repertoire of songs composed by Hazem Shahin and lyrics by a number or renowned poets such as Fuad Haddad, Salah Jaheen, Naguib Shehab El Dine, Amin Haddad, Tamim Al Barghouti, Ahmed Haddad and others. The Name Eskenderella is taken from a poem by Khamees Ezz El Arab which carries the same title. The band consists of Oud players: Hazem Shahin, Ashraf Nagaty, Hassan Al-Manialawy, Islam Abdel Aziz; pianist Youssef Al-Shere’i; percussionists Hany Bedeir and Amir Ezzat; and singers: Hazem Shahin, Ashraf Nagaty, Hassan El Manialawy, Islam Abdel Aziz, May Haddad, Aya Hemeda, Salma Haddad, Alia Shaheen, Samia Jaheen

Al Hannouneh Society:
"Al Hannouneh" is a wild flower, its blooming heralds the arrival of spring.  A group of people who shared the interest of folklore as an important feature of national identity have come together in late 1990 and started their work, and from there the journey of Al Hannouneh society for popular culture started, to be registered with the ministry of culture in Jordan as a cultural society, on a later date on the 4th of December, 1993.