online - performance
Dirar Kalash

Tuesday 19 May 2020
9:00 pm Amman Time

In this sonic performance, Dirar Kalash presents a work based on the live treatment of shortwave radio signals through the use of various sound processing techniques. The performance evokes a sculpting of sound; from the fine details of sonic material, moving across the different levels of treating raw musical and sonic material latent in distorted radio signals.

Dirar Kalash works with a range of musical and sonic fields ranging from silence to noise. Spanning several technologies and techniques, his practice moves beyond prevailing concepts and definitions, and challenges hierarchical relationships and dichotomies inherent to the logic of East-West and old-new. Sound being his point of departure- as material and medium-  his work varies from musical composition and programming to free improvisation and sound composition. He is also interested in the intersections and interrelations between music and sound in scientific fields such as mathematics and engineering.

In addition to his activities in sound and music, Kalash works with photography and video- focusing on live video performances- and has exhibited in various spaces locally and globally.