Hrair Sarkissian.
Dr. Joseph E. Malikian.
Dr. Hisham Khatib.
Exhibition Talk: In And Out Of The Studio
with Dr. Joseph E. Malikian, Dr. Hisham Khatib and Hrair Sarkissian

Thursday 15 May 2014 | Beit al Beiruti 6:30 PM

Collector Joseph E. Malikian will talk about the first generation of Armenian photographers and their influence in sparking photography studios throughout the region, while Dr. Hisham Khatib will focus on Palestinian and Jordanian studio photographers. Hrair Sarkissian will talk about the challenges faced in the preservation of photographic archives, and how to ensure that these collections containing irreplaceable historic knowledge will be passed on to future generations. The talk will be partly in English and partly in Arabic.