The Visit, 2004. Installation view.
Back wall: The Guide, and Flock, 2008. Side walls: Untitled I-VI, 2004.
Untitled IV-VI, 2004. Exhibition view.
The Guide, 2008. Video still.
Shadow Sites I, 2010. Exhibition view.
Shadow Sites I, 2010. Exhibition view.
Untitled May 1991 (Gulf War Work), 1991. Installation view.
Excavators, 2010 and Shadow Sites I, 2010. Exhibition view.
Excavators, 2010. Installation view.
Jananne Al-Ani

MAY –  JULY 2010

This survey exhibition of Jananne Al-Ani’s work highlights a number of recent film and video installations and a selection of photographic works dating from 1991 onwards, many of which were produced in the region. The exhibition traces Al-Ani’s longstanding interest in the power of testimony and the documentary tradition, be it through intimate recollections of loss and memory, the exploration of more formal, official accounts of historic events or the way in which the enduring 19th century Orientalist stereotype of the middle eastern landscape, as an exotic and unoccupied space, continues to inform western media representations of the region. In 2003 a significant shift in Al-Ani’s practice occurred, with the site of production moving from the controlled environment of the studio out into the landscape. The exhibition premiers the first part of The Aesthetics of Disappearance: A Land Without People. Shot in the south of Jordan, the work explores the disappearance of the body in the real and imagined landscapes of the region.