Mud Building

The earth is not merely what we walk upon; it is a source of life in all its forms: our food, homes, culture, and existence. There is life beneath and within the soil; we may not see it, but it exists. Over two days, we will immerse ourselves in mud to understand what it means to each of us, engaging closely with it, getting to know its different types and characteristics. We seek to understand the soil, touch and smell it, experiment with it, and create from it.

In these two days, we hope to connect and build a relationship with mud through our hands and through reflective conversations that allow us to digest our collective experience and shape our personal meanings.

In this social kitchen, we will be accompanied by mud and soil enthusiast Nujood Ashoor in an immersive experience in mud building, combining our work with reflections and conversations around food to help ground our learning.

This workshop is part of the Summer Academy 2021 program.