“Nahnou Together” Workshop
On the Re-rooting Exhibition

Darat al Funun invites you to register your children aged 12-14 to participate in the “Nahnou Together” workshop 2022, which aims at presenting and exploring the theme and works of our current exhibition, “Re-rooting.”

The “Nahnou Together” workshop has been developed to raise art awareness and enable participants to discover and develop their skills, understanding and appreciation for the art. By organising tours and discussions about and around artworks, children will learn about several methods of artistic expression and techniques used in contemporary art practices.

“Re-rooting” is a group exhibition that presents projects highlighting issues of food security, agriculture, building practices, soil and water resources in Jordan. The 21 participating artists present photographic works, mixed media installations, painting, video, research, and critical interventions.

The “Nahnou Together” program was launched by the British Council in 2006 in Jordan, Syria and the United Kingdom, in collaboration with Tate Britain. The program brings together specialists, artists, curators, and trainers with young people through both face to face and internet exchanges and dialogue.

The workshop will take place on Saturdays in September from 12-3 PM.