Palestine: A Reading List
Time Present and Time Past: A Selection of Palestinian Short Stories

A group reading and discussion session
Curated by: Bekriah Mawasi
Moderated by: Hiba Masad
Tuesday 20 February 2024 | 6PM | The Lab

Palestine: A Reading List is a program that aims to research the archive of Palestinian literature and explores it in relation to documenting the Palestinian narrative over the past 75 years, as well as its role in foreseeing and imagining the future of Palestine. The program consists of a series of reading and discussion sessions and talks by writers, critics, intellectuals, and researchers in Palestinian literature.

During the month of February, writer and translator Bekriah selects five stories by writers from different generations: Samira Azzam, Emil Habibi, Adania Shibli, Fakhri Sardawi, and Muhannad Younis , for a group reading session followed by a discussion moderated by researcher Hiba Masad.

Bekriah is a Palestinian writer, translator and artist. She is interested in visual culture and contemporary literature, and is an open knowledge enthusiast.

Hiba Masad studied visual arts at the University of Jordan between 2008 and 2012, specializing in printmaking. Over the past eight years, Masad worked as an activity specialist at the Shoman Foundation, where she ran several workshops and activities. During those years, Masad continued her personal art practice in the form of drawing, printmaking, and text reading. Masad recently obtained her Master’s Degree in Arts in performing public space from FHK in the Netherlands, where her research focused on collective readings, and resulted in launching an initiative to create a community of collective readers in public spaces in Jordan.