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Reappropriating This World to Build a New One
Haitham Ennasr, in conversation with Kareem Estefan

Thursday 16 September 2021 | 6:00 pm Amman time

One of capitalism's most effective tools to maintain its dominance over the world is its ability to consume social and artistic revolutions and mutate them to create them in its image. In this talk, Haitham Ennasr will discuss the ways in which his work uses sci-fi, folklore, play, and digital interactive media as tools to imagine a world beyond capitalism, colonialism, heteropatriarchy, and other systems of oppression that present themselves as part of the natural world. Capitalism reappropriated, re-created in the shape of the revolution. Ennasr's presentation will be followed by a discussion with Kareem Estefan and Darat al Funun's Summer Academy participants. Moderated by Kareem Estefan, the talk will be in English by Haitham Ennasr.

The talk is part of the Worldbuilding in the Wake monthly series curated by Kareem Estefan.

Image: Haitham Ennasr, Tabula Rasa, 2017.