Reflections on Palestinian Cinema 
Saleem Albeik

Thursday 4 July 2024 | 6:30 PM | Beit al Beiruti

In this talk, film critic and cultural editor Saleem Albeik explores the history of Palestinian cinema, tracing significant milestones in its development. He addresses key questions regarding its nature, genres, and audiences. Through this discussion, Albeik will examine the potential of Palestinian films to influence the perception of Palestinian reality, identity, and life, discussing key examples that have positively and negatively shaped this perception. Additionally, he will delve into the challenges of financing and distributing Palestinian films.

The talk is in Arabic.

Saleem Albeik is a Palestinian film critic, novelist and cultural editor based in Paris. He published 6 literary works including the novels Ain Al-Deek (Hachette Antoine-Nofal, 2022), Scenario (Al-Ahlia, 2019), and Two Tickets to Saffuriyya (Al-Saqi, 2017), as well as the book Reflections on Palestinian Cinema (The Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing, 2023).  Albeik is the founder and editor of Romman online cultural magazine.

Photo: Still from the film Wedding in Galilee (1987) directed by Michel Khleifi.