film screening - online
Resistance of Rhizome
Ahmed Isam Aldin

Tuesday 22 September 2020
7pm Amman Time

Resistance of Rhizome is an interactive video game, departing from colonized cities/bodies and supremacist systems of domination.  The project entangles these colonial histories with the current discourses around public health and post-epidemic. It aims to propose other considerations for understanding and imagining the resistance post the next transformation. Through absorbing the present and looking at maps and documents from the past, Resistance of Rhizome allows for a different future visualization of hegemonic apparatuses while simultaneously putting forward the question: what will happen if we imagine the resistance first.

In this screening, which draws from Isam Aldin’s residency project, the artist live streams the documentation of a full game played by himself with all the possibilities and unpredictability of playing a single round.

Ahmed Isam Aldin is an artist and designer from Khartoum. His work deals with topics of immigration and psychology, as well as processes of revolution and anti-colonial cartography.