Documentation room.
Hamdi Attia, "Archipelago, a World Map II", 2009/2010.
Back wall: Mohamed el Baz, "IMAGINE ... ", 2010.
Larbi Rahali, "Omri (My Life)", 1984 - 2009.
Larbi Rahali, "Omri (My Life)", 1984 - 2009. Detail.
Jumana Emil Abboud, "Sainthood and Sanity-hood", 1999 - 2010.
Antoni Muntadas, "On Translation: Miedo/Jauf", 2007-2010. Installation view.
Antoni Muntadas, "On Translation: Miedo/Jauf", 2007-2010. Installation view.
Batoul S’Himi, "Untitled (coffee pot)", 2009.
Younès Rahmoun. Installation view.
Faouzi Laatiris, "Vis-à-vis", 2010.
Hani Alqam. "Hajjeh Sabha and her Sheep", 2010.
Mohamed el Baz, "Imaginons ...", 2010.
James Webb, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out", 2010.
Sentences on the Bank… and Other Activities

Curated by Abdellah Karroum

13 November 2010 – 28 February 2011

“Sentences on the banks... and other activities” is a live art exhibition, curated by Abdellah Karroum, and initiated at Darat al Funun in Amman as a hub for its operations. This project integrates production across cultural disciplines and social practices, associating Darat al Funun with social and private spaces, and other cultural spaces around the city, as well as the Khalid Shoman private collection. The project is launched with an invitation for people to join a collective space of thinking and expressing ideas on realities and imagination. The curatorial enunciation suggests the simultaneous appearance, in times and spaces, of art production, post-production, and encounters, experimenting with the appearance of art expression during the formulating process. The urgent character of this idea of simultaneous sharing while creating interrogates today’s speed, and the missing distance between real facts and history, documentary or fiction. The exhibition takes shape at Darat al Funun, in connection with few places in the city. A one-day conference on “Art Practices and Vocabulary” associates curators, artists and scholars to the project. A radio program is produced in parallel.

Artists and contributors (in progress): Sofia Aguiar*, Hani Alqam, Hamdi Attia, Yto Barrada, Matti Braun*, Gabriella Ciancimino*, Mohamed el Baz, Badr El-Hammami*, Jumana Emil Abboud, Ninar Esber*, Seamus Farrell*, Mohssin Harraki, Mona Hatoum, Samah Hijawi, Raed Ibrahim*, Saba Innab*, Fadma Kaddouri*, Faouzi Laatiris, Abdul Hay Mosallam, Bernard Marcadé*, Antoni Muntadas, Otobong Nkanga, Part-time Suite, Catherine Poncin, Mohamed Larbi Rahali, Younès Rahmoun, Stanislaw Ruksza*, Batoul S’Himi, Naoko TakaHashi*, Nao Uda*, James Webb and John Zarobell*.

* Artists participating in the project using the Volume 1 publication. Proposals are part of an experimental set-up.