film screening
Sera’ fi Jerash (Struggle in Jerash), 1957
by Wasif Al Sheikh Yassin

Tuesday 30 June 2009

70 min. | 1957

The pioneering Jordanian feature film "Struggle in Jerash" was produced, directed, filmed, and performed by local independents, some of whom worked as projectionists in movie theaters, some artisans, others welding technicians, projection repairmen. Those were some of the skills that were employed in manufacturing the film development gear, printing and cutting hardware and the sound sync system for the film. The film had a promotional movie trailer which was projected in various theaters before the screening of the film. This trailer contained documentary segments of Jordanian and Palestinian cities, which today have become an integral part of the audio-visual memory of those cities. "Struggle in Jerash" is the first Jordanian feature film, and was funded by a company established by the filmmakers, each contributing 5 JD. Film will be screened in Arabic.