Stories of the Earth
Playback Theater Performance - Minsaj Group

Tuesday 5 July 2022 | 8:00 pm | Archaeological Site

Our relationship with the earth and its surrounding, its people, and its creatures becomes eventually represented in a series of tales. We must know how to tell what we learned to gain knowledge and act as a vivid part of the life cycle on earth and how it affects us as individuals and collectively.

In this improvised theater performance, people’s stories will be the base for the group to regain our memory of a shared history in relation to a land we have been rooted in.

This performance is presented by the Minsag playback theater group, which includes Reem Abu Kishek, Mai Malhas, Nicole Shahine, Dina Bataineh, Mowaiad Haddad, Shereen Zoumout, Arabilla Lawson, and Reef Fakhoury.

Minsaj was independently founded in 2015, and since then, members of the group have been involved in performance training, emphasizing the importance of theater and storytelling in reflecting on our social and life issues.