Summer Solstice: Open Studios and Live Performances
Darat al Funun Summer Academy: Sonic Bricolages

Saturday 29 July 2023 I 6-9 PM

The current month of July witnessed record heat waves all over the world after the 2023 solar solstice announced the beginning of an exceptional summer season. Over the course of the month of July, the Darat al Funun Summer Academy 2023 program focused on exploring the art of sound and music through a series of workshops, seminars, listening sessions, exercises, public talks and live performances, facilitated by Yara Mekawei, Khyam Allami and Joe Namy, and in collaboration with Radio Alhara.

The program included practical and theoretical aspects, in-depth discussions and analyses on the meaning of sound as a medium and the dimensions of dealing with it technically, politically, socially and culturally. Yara Mekawei presented a workshop on recording and sound maps, which included field tours and discussions about the meaning of the city’s sounds and the limits of their use and manipulation, while Khyam Allami’s workshop reviewed different aspects of the history of Arabic music and the potential intersections between electronic music production and Arabic musical scales, with reference to the specialized programs currently available. Joe Namy’s workshop revolved around audio installations, multimedia artistic production, and mixing audio recordings in a live and direct manner.

In these open studios, the participants present an overview of their projects in development as part of a program of performances, sonic and artistic installations, musical improvisation sessions and interactive audio productions. Sound is used as a means of expression, evocation, communication and dialogue, as well as a documentation of this defining moment in world history.

Safi Amacher, Yosour Al Zoubi, Ola El Khalidi, Maria Khorzom, Ali Omari, Sarah Risheq, Motasem Siam, Dina Tahamouqa, Khaled Zghool.


Sound and Audiovisual Installations:
"Ton Ten Tin Tan" by Yosour Al Zoubi at The Lab (Cinematheque Room), from 6-6:45 pm and from 7-9 pm
"Kuzbra" by Motasem Siam at the Archaeological Site, from 6-9 pm
"The Sea is My Lover" by Dina Tahamouqa at The Lab, from 6-9 pm

Live Performances:
6-9 pm: "The Project" by Safi Amacher at the Ghorfa.
6:45-7 pm: "جلسات ام الضبع" by Ola El Khalidi at The Lab (Bring your instruments).
7-7:30 pm: "Solar Extrapolation" by Ali Omari at the Archaeological Site.
7:45-8:05 pm: "to_lose_our_way" by Sarah Risheq and Maria Khorzom at the Archaeological Site.
8:15-8:25 pm: "Kuzbra" by Motasem Siam at the Archaeological Site.
8:30-8:55 pm: "Under Construction" by Khaled Zghool at the Archaeological Site.
9-9:30 pm: "A Tribute to Khyam" a group piece led by أم الضبع with the participants at The Lab.