Bige Örer & Cansu Çakar
Bige Örer & Cansu Çakar
How do traditional arts resonate as a contemporary art practice?
Bige Örer & Cansu Çakar

Thursday 31 March 2016
6:30 pm at The Lab

Darat al Funun welcomes Bige Örer, the Director of the Istanbul Biennial, who will give a presentation of the Istanbul Biennial, followed by a joint talk with artist Cansu Çakar on the impact of traditional arts and the technique of miniature mapping in connection with her upcoming workshop at The Lab.


Bige Örer is the Director of the Istanbul Biennial. Örer came aboard on the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts in 2003 and worked in the coordination of cultural and artistic projects until she was appointed director to the Istanbul Biennial in 2008. Since 2009, she has been the advisor of the Pavilion of Turkey at the International Art Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia. She has also been teaching, between 2011 and 2013, courses on the subject of managing biennials and international exhibitions at the Istanbul Bilgi University. Since March 2013, she is the vice-president of the International Biennial Association.

İzmir based artist Cansu Çakar was born in Istanbul in 1988. She started her higher education in 2006 at Dokuz Eylül University Traditional Turkish Arts Department. In 2012 she went to Moholy – Nagy Arts and Design University in Budapest to study graphic design through a student exchange programme. She earned her BFA in 2013 and now runs an independent art studio called "Minyatür Atölye- Miniature Atelier" in Kardıcalı Han (K2), İzmir.