at the lab - talk
The Right to Family Archives
Panel Discussion with the artists of Travelling Archives/Tracing Narratives group exhibition

Thursday 15 June 2023 | 6:00 pm | The Lab

In this panel, the artists featured in Travelling Archives/Tracing Narratives group exhibition, Amany Adel, Arzaq Abu Eid, Aya Abu Ghazaleh, Zina Ghoul, and Maria Khorzom, discuss the determinants, ethics and politics, of dealing with family archives, personal and nonpersonal, from their point of view referencing their journey in developing the works currently on display.

By shedding light on questions and concerns regarding the right to use, adapt, re-read, and, sometimes, manipulate family archives, the artists  walk us through their methods and practices of addressing aspects of privacy, intimacy, and selectivity in their projects, and how visual mediums could help provide their own interpretation of family memories, narratives, photographs, documents, memoirs, and testimonies.

The panel discussion is moderated by artist Raed Ibrahim, the exhibition curator.

The discussion is held in Arabic.