Sheikh Fouad al Khateeb.
The Works and Life of the Great Arab Revolt Poet Sheikh Fouad al Khateeb
Monthly Cultural Talk by Dr. Faisal Darraj

Tuesday 29 March 2016
6:00 pm at the Main Building

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt, Darat al Funun’s cultural consultant Dr. Faisal Darraj revisits the work and life of Sheikh Fouad al Khateeb. Al Khateeb spoke of the hopes and dreams of all Arabs and his poems held up a mirror to his Arabic heritage. He was born in Lebanon, and moved through Damascus and Hijaz. He also lived in Amman, more specifically in Darat al Funun’s Dar Khalid. He loved the city of Amman and resided there until he returned to Beirut in 1939. The evening will include readings of his poetry by the actor and media figure Asaad Khalifah.