Thirst on the Horizon:
The Reality of Water in Jordan
A panel discussion with 7iber magazine

Saturday 24 September 2022 I 6:30 pm I Blue House

Jordan is facing a growing and intertwined water crisis in which several factors overlap, and our water security is declining; bringing the annual water deficit between 30% and 40% of what we need for various uses depending on the water season. When discussing and studying this crisis closely, many environmental and climate activists and experts tend to depoliticize it, focusing, instead, on parts of the issue, mostly on nature-related factors, population growth, and immigration. But neither the population nor immigration provides sufficient answers to the disappearance of the water in Jordan, and neither drought nor climate change is a purely environmental problem. 

In this panel moderated by 7iber, writers and journalists discuss some of the interrelated aspects of the water crisis in Jordan, taking into consideration the historical, political, economic, and management aspects, with reference to 7iber’s in-depth coverage of the issue, which includes several published articles and reports. 

The discussion will be in Arabic. Register here.

Photo: Sherbel Dissi for 7iber.