at the lab
Window – Space
Mais Al Azab and workshop participants

9-26 December 2017
The Lab 

Window - Space is an exhibition by architect Mais Al Azab that proposes to turn The Lab’s space toward the urban street outside. Taking the lab’s storefront-like facade as its prime objective, Window - Space is proposing a way in which art and design can become an essential part of the city’s infrastructure, emphasizing the role which that plays in igniting life in the urban fabric. With the help of Creative Material Reuse workshop participants, art-themed display windows at The Lab stage an experimental creative display to perform as an urban attraction to artists, designers and the general public alike.

This exhibition is meant to be viewed from the street.

Mais Al Azab is a Jordanian architect and designer that works on the borderline between art and architecture. She is interested in site-specific works and is investing in architectural installations as a form of a creative pursuit and an early practice. Her first built design work is a harmonious skyline of a Mirage City; realized as part of an Angolan artist’s proposition in the desert of Jordan in 2013. She holds a Bachelor degree in Architecture from Jordan University and a master of Architecture from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University where she also took art studios at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts.

Workshop Participants: Sarah Abu Baker, Asmaa Abu Sadh, Buthaina Aburoza, Mousa Al Akhras, Talal Alkhori, Asia Al Sheshani, Joud Halawani, Ola Hiari.