online - workshop
Internet of Things: Another World is Possible

Friday and Saturday 17, 18 April 2020

Join us on this 2-day workshop with IOTAWIP curators exploring the main concepts and themes underpinning the exhibition project, Internet of Things: Another World is Possible.

Session I: Ah Shit, Here We Go Again
Friday, 17 April 4:00 pm Amman time

A presentation on historical materialism, Angelus Novus and CJ meme from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
With Firas Shehadeh.

Session II: Contra-
Saturday, 18 April 4:00pm Amman time

This session takes as its point of departure the precarity and temporal malaise connected to capitalist cyberspace. Considering a state of virtual dispossession, we will reflect on slowness, our yearnings and longings and the work of recovery.
With Joud Al-Tamimi and Reem Marji.