Ahlam Shibli – Exhibition Book
Go there, Eat the mountain, Write the Past: The Valley, Arab al-Sbaih, Goter

Language: En/Ar
Published by Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation and Ahlam Shibli, 2011
Editors: Maria Ramos, Paul Buck, Abed al-Rahan, Y. Abu Shammaleh
127 pages
Design by Mohammad Amous and Ahlam Shibli
Printed in Jordan

ISBN 978-9957-514-16-7
OCLC Number: 869772248

Sarah A. Rogers, “Arab al Sbaih and The Valley. The Past Present”
Mahmoud Abu Hashhash, “Disclosure and Seclusion, Declaration and Disguise”
Ulrich Loock, “Goter, Representation of the Unrecognized”
Works by Ahlam Shibli

This book presents three series of photographs by Ahlam Shibli, featuring comments by three renowned art historians. Each series consists of 30 to 50 photographs and deals with diverse narratives of displacement and concepts of “home”. The series Arab Al Sbaih (2007) and The Valley (2007-08) have been exhibited under the title “Why did you leave the forest empty!?” at Darat al Funun in 2010. Parts of Goter (2002-03) have been included in the exhibition “Out of Place” in 2011, a collaboration between Tate Modern, London, and Darat al Funun.