Falastin al Hadara (English)

Published in 2018 by the Khalid Shoman Foundation
Translation by Joud Halawani al Tamimi
Edited by Sally Bland
Designed by Salua Qidan, Syntax Design
Language: EN

We are proud to present the book Falastin al Hadara, reflecting Darat al Funun’s 2017 exhibition and events program showcasing Palestinian civilization and cultural heritage throughout the ages. The publication includes the in-depth talks on archaeology and architecture, early printed press and radio, Palestinian poets and writers, photography, and history of music and popular culture before 1948. In addition, it features as an exhibition catalogue for the exhibitions held during the year, in which pioneering Palestinian artists from the early 20th century were exhibited side by side with contemporary artists. Together, it brings to life the untold story of Palestine.