Moataz Nasr

Exhibition catalogue for Moataz Nasr’s solo exhibition, Sep-Nov 2006

Language En/Ar
Published by Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2006

“Moataz Nasr, or the Evidence of Things not Seen” by Simon Njami
“Egypt’s Moataz Nasr captivates wonder of international art scene. Paint, video and installation artist has gained acclaim for his evocative works” by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie
Works by Moataz Nasr

Exhibition catalogue containing the artist’s CV, reviews of his work by two renowned art critics as well as descriptions of five of his art works: "Father & Son" (video art), "The Echo" (video art), "Insecure" (photography), "Fiat Nasr" (photography) and "Man Made" (installation).