Published by Darat al Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2022.

Re-rooting is a group exhibition of projects that highlight interventions, dialogues, and reflections, conducted at a local scale, that subvert and transform systems and pre-conditioned understandings of the three most pressing concerns in Jordan today; water politics, agro-ecology, and extractive building practices.

The constellation of works presented attempts to untangle the complex histories that make up the current crisis of economy and ecology, not only in an effort to denunciate them but also to showcase hacks, diversions, and solutions. They look at forms of self-determination and autonomy performed by local communities as a rejection of normalized exploitative and colonial models.

The exhibition acts as an aggregator of the collective local voices, showcasing real-world interventions as well speculative and reflective works done by artists, anthropologists, chefs, designers, farmers, foragers, scientists, bakers, nutritionists, photographers, and filmmakers who place artistic practice at the heart of what they do.

Participants include: Abeer SeikalyAyla Hibri, Deema Assaf, Deema Dabis, Eman Haram, Hareth Ramzi, Hussein Al AzaatKarmah Tabbaa, Khalid Al Bashir, Mais Al Azab, Melika Abdel Razzaq and Soraya Ghazelbash, Mirna BamiehNadia Bseiso, Nujud Ashour, Paola Farran, Rawan Baybars, Sarah Risheq, Sima ZureikatTaghmees, and Zikra for Popular Learning.

This exhibition is curated by Rana Beiruti.