Shifting Horizons in Arabic Poetry: Testimonies and Essays [AR]

Language: Ar
Published by Darat al Funun - The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, and the Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, 2011
Pages: 235
ISBN: 9953-36-794-9

Texts by: Ahmad Dahbour, Khairi Mansour, Seif Rahbi, Shawqi Yazie, Abdo Wazin, Al Jaafar Alaq, Ali Damini, Qasim Haddad, Nazieh Abu Afsh, Nouri Jarrah, Yousef Abdelaziz.

This publication is part of a series of discussions held at Darat al Funun, and focuses on the large transformations and new appearances in arabic storytelling, prose, and other forms of poetry from across the region.