Rayyane Tabet

Lebanon 1983. Lives and works in Beirut.

"On the morning of Friday September 1st 2006 I went to buy a cup of coffee from a shop on Third Avenue and 7th Street in Manhattan. As I was waiting for it I noticed that someone had left their copy of The New York Times behind. On my way out I stole it. On the front page was an image of the main highway leading South out of Beirut with around fifty trucks filled with rubble headed towards a point in the distance were the road meets the water to dump the debris in the sea. The caption read: A River Of Rubble From The War In Lebanon. A year later while on my way to swim in Tyre, I passed by the place in the photograph. By now the rubble looked like a makeshift mountain close to the shore with all sorts of vegetation coming through it. Since then I always thought that if I were to write a text on sculpture it would probably begin with the image of debris that turn into landscapes."

- Rayyane Tabet in HIWAR | Conversations in Amman, 2013