Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
Exhibition view.
Filastin (1911 - 1967).
Ad-Difaa (1934- 1967).
Huna al Quds.
Palestinian radio and press.
This is Jerusalem Calling, 2012. Dir. and Research byRaed Duzdar.
Early Palestinian Press (1900-1948) & Huna Al Quds Radio Station (1937- 1948)

11 April – 25 June 2017

This exhibition presents original copies of early newspapers in Palestine and Huna al Quds radio recordings, dating from the beginning of the 20th century until 1948. A time when culture, national movements, translation, and arts flourished, and newspapers like Al-Karmel (1908), An-Nafais Al-Assriah (1908), Al-Akhbar (1909) and Falastin (1911) attracted prominent Palestinian and Arab journalists and writers. The exhibition also features audio recordings from the radio station Huna Al Quds ("This is Jerusalem") (1937- 1948), as well as a film on the radio station by director Raed Dizdar. In addition, photographs are shown that observe the world of journalism at that time.