film screening
Nostalgia for the Light, 2010
selected by Yazan Ashqar

Tuesday 1 October 2013 | 7:00 PM

Darat al Funun will be screening the documentary “Nostalgia for the Light” by Chilean director Patricio Guzman.
Astronomers gather from around the world in the Atacama Desert in Chile, the highest and driest desert point in the world. The sky is so clear to the point that it makes it the best place to explore the stars and study the universe. In the same time, and at the same desert, a group of women has spent the last 20 years digging the ground in search of the remains of their lost loved ones, who has been buried by the Pinochet regime after the coup on Salvador Allende and his government. Between searching the sky for the stars, and digging the desert for the bones, celebrated Chilean director Patricio Guzmán presents a poetic approach to the search in time, memory, and the contemporary political history of Chile.